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“My Snow Camp experience was more than I could have hoped for. I feel like my running skills have improved a lot. Training on the race track and being around so many experienced runners helped me improve my skills quickly. The track was very well built and flowed very well. I really appreciated how hard the Snow Camp team worked every day to do everything they could to open up the piste and keep things running smoothly, even with the crazy weather we were having at times. It was also really cool that we had the starting section further down, so even when the weather was bad, we still had a way to train.

Over all, my experience in Pucón was incredible and I will definitely be excited to come back next year.”

Besides the training aspect, my experience in Pucón and with the training camp was especially great because of the people. Everyone was so nice and helpful and I made some amazing new friends. The people I was surrounded with quickly gained my trust and I had a wonderful time meeting people from all over the world. Pucón is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and there is so much to see and experience apart from snowboarding.

Charli Meek (USA – athlete)

“We had a great camp in Pucón. The snow camp staff and structure were very good and extremely helpful. We asked for changes to the track day by day and these were mostly done, with the good help of the shapers. And together with a good weather, we are very satisfied with our 2 weeks in the snow in Pucón.”

Guillaume Nantermod (Great Britain Team – coach)

“Overall, the experience was excellent! The food was great! The hotel was amazing and there was plenty of room for everyone…very comfortable and clean. Space on the mountain was fine and it was always nice to have two starting section options for extreme weather situations.”

Jake Holden (Canadian Nation SBX team – Assistant Coach)

“It was a very good and unexpected experience to train and share the SBX track with many of the best SBX riders in the world in September 2017 at Snow Camp Chile in Pucón.

In fact, some of those athletes won gold (Pierre Valtier, France), silver (Julia Pereira, France) and bronze (Regino Hernández, Spain) medals and others performed very well at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, five months later!

The total support of Antonio Lobos and his team was perfect! Three friends of mine and I received much more than excellent service. We had the opportunity to improve our level of SBX competition and to experience the real routine of a top level SBX athlete.

Thank you for those unforgettable moments and knowledge, Snow Camp Chile!”

Flavio Ascanio (Brazil – coach)